What is Website monetization? ways to monetize your blog or website.

Website monetization is the process of converting existing traffic to a particular website to generate revenue or money. In other words, using your website or blog for earning money by placing ads on the website is called Website Monetization.

Ways to monetize your website.

  1. Pay Per Click
    Pay Per Click is also called PPC. It is a way of advertising using the internet, in this web traffic is diverted to a particular website, where advertisers pay some amount to the publisher/owner of the website when the ad is clicked. The amount required to be clicked any ad to navigate to the relevant website.
  2. Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate marketing is done by big brands. In affiliate marketing, you can sell their products by promoting these products in your website and when user purchase those products by using your referral link you earn some commission.
  3. Sponsored Posts
    If your website is having good traffic or popular enough then you may be asked by people or brand to write something about their product or service. Most people hate ads. You may get money or gift vouchers for writing about their product.
  4. Lead Generation
    lead is something which every company needs so that they can convert those leads into sales and earn a profit. So you can do is run any contest/quiz or write content about products/services and ask visitors to fill basic forms if they are interested. Once they fill form you get one lead. On the basis of a number of leads, you can earn money.
  5. Host Paid Webinars.
    Webinars have become a critical business tool which allows companies to educate current clients, strengthen their customer service and to find new customers. Here you can approach companies to host live video sessions or webinars in your website, in exchange for hosting webinars you can ask them for money.

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